Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ripening Nectarines

The peach and nectarine trees are loaded with ripening fruit, and the branches are bending under the weight.

We did not thin the blossoms this year, so we'll be getting more fruit of smaller size.

The nectarines are still a bit hard, but should be ready in another week or two.

They are a beautiful rosy red color.

Some of the peaches are ripe now. We've already picked and enjoyed them right off the tree, and baked in a fresh peach pie.

The birds aren't quite as picky, and they have already been helping themselves.

The House Finches are the main culprits. Time to start the "passive " bird deterrents.

The apricots are still mostly green, with a few of them starting to change color.

This butterfly's colors blended perfectly with the yellow-green fruit it was perched on.

"One that would have
the fruit
must climb
the tree."

~Thomas Fuller

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