Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Annular Eclipse Trip - Day One (Fri 18 May)

The annular eclipse on Sunday, May 20th was only going to be partial in our area, so we decided to drive to Tonopah, Nevada to be able to view the full ring effect. We chose Tonopah because of its altitude and excellent chance of clear skies on eclipse day.

TEDDY BEAR CHOLLA - Opuntia bigelovii

We took the scenic route heading north, going out through Joshua Tree National Park. The chollas in the Cholla garden had already bloomed, but they were still beautiful backlit by the morning sun.


CHOLLA GARDEN NATURE TRAIL - Joshua Tree National Monument

A pack rat had built its nest right next to the nature trail. The spiny cactus joints protect the pack rat from potential predators when it is in its burrow.

Fortunately for the pack rats, they don't know how to read.

North of Joshua Tree, the roads were nearly devoid of traffic. There were beautiful, open vistas and interesting geological features along the way.



We passed Kelso Dunes and Kelso Depot on our way to Pahrump, Nevada.


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