Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Birds...


Saturday morning we went to the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center in Indio, for the April public bird walk.

The weather was sunny and comfortable, a really beautiful day for birding.

Fifty-three different bird species were seen during the 2-1/2 hour walk.

Pathway at the CV WILD BIRD CENTER

Our bird list included two Crissal Thrashers, a swimming Sora, Cinnamon Teal, two Wilson's Snipe, Roadrunner, and 6 different species of swallow.

Ruddy Ducks and Eared Grebes were particularly handsome in their breeding plumage.

Marsh Wrens were abundant, active and vocal. At least 8 of their nests could be seen from the paths. The nests are about the size and shape of a coconut, with an entry hole in the side. Wet reeds and cattails are woven between green upright reeds, and the finished nest looks like a beautiful artistic basket.

One of the birders in our group was a retired school teacher. She said she had given her students a "nest building" exercise, using only a clothes pin. They had to use their clothes pin to pick up a bit of nesting material from a table, carry it across the classroom back to their desk, and then attempt to build a nest like birds do. Each piece was another trip, and a dropped piece had to be picked up with the clothes pin.

I would have liked to see the results of that assignment.  :-)

Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center
46500 Van Buren Street, Indio, CA  92201

The Wild Bird Center is a non-profit corporation created to care for and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wild birds (particularly raptors), with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into their habitats.
Community education about wild birds is also provided through public bird walks and outreach programs to local schools and organizations. The Wild Bird Center operates solely through donations and volunteers.

Free public bird walks October- May, first Saturday of the month
Meet at the trailer office at 8am

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