Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Art, Appetizers... and Wind

Snow & Wind Turbines near Banning Pass

A storm blew through the night before the Whitewater Art Fair, bringing some damp weather to the desert floor and snow on the surrounding foothills.

Although the morning was sunny with scattered clouds, the wind was howling and very cold.

Even up in the canyon, the cold gusty winds were a challenge to exhibiting artists and visitors.

Visitors Center at Whitewater Canyon Preserve

We had a beautiful location for our booth, underneath large shady trees.

MacGillivray's Warbler and Swainson's Thrush were two bird species we spotted near our booth. White-throated Swifts were soaring overhead, in the updrafts.

Some people were lucky enough to also see a Peregrine Falcon, and a number of Bighorn Sheep along the mountain ridges.

Despite the wind and cold there was a good turnout of guests, and most artists had a successful day for sales (ourselves included). Our Bee Houses were the most popular item for us this time.

Bird Lover's Gift Basket

The Art Faire was on Saturday only. Sunday was the Art Auction and fundraiser for Wildlands Conservancy - the non-profit organization that manages the various Preserve properties.

We donated a "Bird Lover's Bonanza Gift Basket" which contained an organic Gourd Bird House, a Suet Log, a block of Suet and some handmade Bird Seed Cakes.

The gift basket sold during the Silent Auction portion of the event.

There was also a separate live auction for the larger art pieces, and other goods and services.

The quote of the day is sandblasted into the surface of a large boulder near one of the Preserve's trailheads:

"What lies before us and what lies behind us is a tiny matter compared to what lies within us."   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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