Saturday, January 9, 2016

El Niño Has Arrived

The El Niño weather pattern has started to bring some much-needed rain to California over the past week. We received more than an inch of rain here in the desert, from three separate storms.

The surrounding mountains received a coating of snow. This is Mt. San Jacinto to the west of us (elevation 10,834').

The rains were steady and gentle, and much of it soaked into the soil. The Whitewater Wash had some runoff for about a day (below). This is looking north, towards Joshua Tree National Park. In the center of this pic you can just see snow on the mountains along the south edge of the Park.

There were Killdeer calling and running along the edge of the water while I took this photo. Probably glad to find a new bit of habitat, even if it's only temporary.

After the last storm moved through, we were gifted with clear blue skies, beautiful snowy mountain views - and overnight lows in the high 30's.

"I have never seen snow, and do not know what winter means."

~ Duke Kahanamokou, native Hawaiian and U.S. Olympic swimmer, credited with bringing surfing to the mainland and Australia.

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