Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lunar Eclipse - 4 April 2015

Here are some pics of this morning's lunar eclipse.
These were taken with a digital camera hand-held to the eyepiece of our 25x field scope.

We got up around 4:15am, and the eclipse was already in progress.

The high contrast of the moon's bright surface against the dark sky blew out most of the earliest shots of the eclipse.

During this eclipse, the moon was just skimming through the outer portion of the earth's shadow, so the time of totality was very brief - only about 5 minutes.

Here in California, totality occurred just before 5am PDT.

The partially eclipsed moon eventually set behind the mountains to the west of us, so we couldn't see the end of the eclipse from our location.

This was a pretty cool way to start the day.
:-)  :-)

The next lunar eclipse visible from North America will be on 28 September 2015.
For more info about that and other future eclipses:

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