Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Any Day Now....

The female hummingbird continues sitting on the two eggs in her nest, on top of the hummingbird feeder. She makes quick forays out for food, or to chase away other birds that are coming too close. Sometimes she'll take a brief sunbath on a nearby perch, but she is never away from the nest for very long.

A potted aloe right below her nest is blooming now, and she has added its yellow tubular flowers as a convenient feeding stop. Her eggs should be hatching soon and we have been watching discretely through the kitchen window. The scope in the dining room is working well, and the pic above was taken with a camera hand held to the eyepiece.

In the front yard, our agave flower stalk is now over 10-1/2 feet tall.

We have selectively trimmed branches from the nearby palo verde tree (three times!), to make room for the stalk as it kept getting taller.

Today we staked the stalk, to lean it away from the canopy of the palo verde.

It's hard to see from the ground, but the flowers at the tip of the stalk are just beginning to show.

"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides."
~ W. E. Johns, English aviator, author and editor (1893-1968)

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