Monday, October 27, 2014


Our daytime highs are still in the 90's, but the overnight lows have dropped into the mid-60's. Cooler temperatures bring the return of our winter resident snowbirds.

White-crowned Sparrows were the first to arrive, and have been here now for a couple of weeks.

This past weekend we saw a male Phainopepla perched in the top of one of our mesquite trees. We trimmed the trees recently, but were sure to leave some Mistletoe so the Phainopeplas would have the berries to eat.

We also heard Yellow-rumped Warblers over the weekend. And while driving to work this morning, I saw 2 flocks of Canada Geese flying by low overhead.

Our morning walks definitely have a different feeling now. It is much cooler, and we are out before sunrise. The calls of White-crowns and Yellow-rumps have added to the chorus of Mockingbirds and Bewick's Wrens we normally hear.

Fall has definitely arrived.

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